For all types of yarn, fiber, and metallic threads.

  • compact small housing.
  • touch-less operation.
  • highest sensitivity, also for finest filaments >5 dtex or fine wires > Ø 0.01 mm.
  • applicable for rectilinear, traversing or ballooning yarn / fiber path.
  • red LED-display indicating yarn / fiber break.
  • P.C.-board completely molded in plastic.
  • resistant against oils, acids, alkaline, benzine a.o.m.
  • insensitive against dirt and extraneous light sources.
  • with fixed cable, optionally available with connector.

OptoStop optical sensors are available in two sizes, the V1B series is compact 40mm x 50mm housing and the V1C series 55mm x 56mm

Operating voltage range 15 to 30 vdc, with a 35mA current draw.

Available in PNP and NPN output with a 500mA  short circuit protected output current for the ability to directly interface with relays, coils, or PLCs.

Units can be configured to your requirements, start delays configurable from 0.0 seconds to 6.0 seconds; stop delays from 5mS to 1.5 seconds.

All optical sensors have the ability to add fiber guides for positioning of the yarn / fiber being monitored.